The Nomadic Path

Everthing you can imagine is real – Pablo Picasso.


Our Philosophy

Hi there! My name is Marie Uribe, I’m a nomadic girl and this website is my newborn baby. Conceived with endlessness yearning to go outside my confort zone, to explore the world beyond my door step. I’ve been wandering places since I could afford my way (at 17), working and travelling at the same time.  While doing so, internet has molded the world and new possibilities have emmerged.

Meanwhile I became a photographer, stayed a couple of years in Paris and recently felt the urge of going on the road again. It has allowed me to explore other forms of art, meeting such kind hearted souls and discover new ways of travelling.

There is a lot to say and everyone is asking me how I do it. You might  all have heard at least once this popular quote :

Sharing is caring!

This is pretty much what The Nomadic Path is about.

You & Me

Together, We are creative people

if you are inspired by any of my projects and want to contribute in any way, drop me a line.

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